Saturday, September 22, 2012


(6-24-12)  NO DUMMY..This Sunday in 2005 we lost the great ventriloquist, inventor ( first artificial heart ), voice actor ( Tigger ), philanthropist, and childhood favorite PAUL WINCHELL. How cool is Paul; making a dummy of himself to talk to the other dummy ( Jerry ) while Paul has a smoke and reads the paper! Paul worked with The THREE STOOGES on a film called "Stop,Look,& Laugh". IGGY wrote a song called "Puppet World" which he played live(see IGGY's "Nuggets" CD) but sadly never recorded.
NOT-SO FUN FACT: All surviving tapes of the WINCHELL-MAHONEY Show were destroyed by Metromedia ( an early version of Fox TV ) after Paul tried to sue 'them' over syndication rights to his work. The Supreme Court is right..corporations ARE people..really despicable people...

Dum-Dum Bonus

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